My Why For a Digital Garden

My Digital Garden... according to DALL·E AI

So, digital gardens are nothing new. I'm rather late to the party on this one. But I've decided to set one up now for a few reasons...

Over the years I've built up an unpublished trove (I purposely left out the word "treasure" there) of half-finished / half-arsed pet projects, ideas, thoughts, bits, bobs, what-nots and thingy-ma-job-nuts. And I keep on going.


I guess it's all an outlet for my curious, creative-tinkery, learn-by-doing mind. But it increasingly feels like wasted time / effort if I don't publish some of it somewhere so that others might see.

More reasoning:

So... lots of reasons there to publish something / somehow. The problem is.. over the past couple decades I've setup various personal blogs and social media accounts to expel some of these "look and listen to me!" demons. And they've all had sod all "success". I got fuck all visitors / replies / thumbs / likes / claps / tickles / winks... and so my motivation (and self-worth) fell off a cliff faster than a Lemming with ADHD in that old Amiga game. (Great game.)

Falling ADHD Lemming

Other reasons I'm trying this style of publishing:

So, will I stick at this thing? Will I get my backlog of unpublished nonsence published here? Will anyone read any of it?

We all know the answers to those questions (my make-believe audience) are probably no, no and no 😏 But... fuck it... I've enjoyed the journey thus far. And I've finally published some swears. Whatever. #fuck!