My Top SciFi Lists

SciFi Movies

  1. Aliens - I must have watched this (and all the Alien films) at least 500 times now. Masterful scifi action horror.
  2. Interstellar - 🤯♥️😭
  3. Arrival - 👽♥️😭
  4. Annihilation - haunting, disturbing, 🤯.
  5. Ad Astra - surprise high entry on my list. I just love the feel and the (slow) pace of this one. The commentary and emotional numbness by Brad Pitt as he realises what is really important in life... struck a chord.
  6. Sunshine - somewhat ludicrous plot but suspend disbelief and this is a beautiful film. I've watched it so many times now. The space cinematography and soundtrack are wonderful. There's also something about a Danny Boyle and Cillian Murphy combo that seems to work so well (hello 28 Days Later).
  7. Equilibrium - Amazing gun-fu action and concepts of society supressing emotions to avoid humanities worst attributes.
  8. The Fifth Element - Great action and stunning costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. Also, Mila Jovovich! (I'm a Resident Evil fan too but I couldn't bring myself to put it on this list.)
  9. The Thing (2011) - also like the original version with Kurt Russell.
  10. Terminator Salvation - not the most obvious choice in the Terminator series but it's actually my favourite. I like the rawer, bleaker and more gritty feeling of this one. And the character Sam Worthington plays (Marcus) who doesn't know he's a machine 😬
  11. World War Z - close call between this and the 28 Days / Weeks Later films. Brad / WWZ just wins out.
  12. The Zero Theorem - there's not enough love / recognition for this one out there. The awkwardness / genius of Waltz... contrasted against the confidence and sexiness of Mélanie Thierry... is just captivating. The constumes and set designs are almost Fifth Element good too. Bright, colourful futuristic scifi ♥️

SciFi TV Shows

  1. Farscape - "look upwards and share the wonders I've seen". Not everyone can see past "muppets in space". Personally, I love the animatronics and Jim Henson's makeup, pupeteering artistry. Beyond any of that though... the story, the characters, Scorpius (the best villain in anything I've ever seen), the obsurdly dramatic cliffhanger season endings (and the worry it'll never get renewed / finished!).
  2. Babylon 5
  3. Battlestar Galactica
  4. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  5. Red Dwarf
  6. Firefly
  7. Stargate Atlantis
  8. Star Trek: Picard
  9. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
  10. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  11. Star Trek: Voyager
  12. Star Trek: The Original Series

SciFi Audiobooks

  1. The Martian - By Andy Weir. It has to be the version read by RC Bray (and not the Wil Weaton version). Nothing against Weaton but RC Bray is the best audiobook narrator out there and the original version released on Audible narrated by him is just perfect. It got me into audiobooks. Hard to find now but worth it if you can.
  2. The Three Body Problem - incredible multi-book saga written by Chinese author Cixin Liu. The translations take some getting used to but you soon get used to that. The sheer scale of the ideas in these stories... time, space, societies, humanity, politics, economics... Liu explores all the trickle-down effects of ideas in such (plausible) detail. Scifi gold. Note: I've listened to the first three books up to Death's End. I can't comment on the more recent fourth one (Redemption of Time).